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FirstFunding, Inc.
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Common Contact Questions

Who or what helps the FirstFunding customer with training?

FirstFunding will coordinate with you and the approved fulfillment services provider to provide training to you and/or your staff. Our goal is make this transition to Mortgage Banking as simple as possible.

Who do FirstFunding customers call if they have a problem?

Fulfillment Services issues must be directed to the approved fulfillment services provider. Funding and Warehouse Funding Facilities matters may be directed to FirstFunding via email or telephone. See the Contact Us page for address, telephone and email addresses.

How do I get started?

Complete the FirstFunding application and return it to FirstFunding as soon as possible. In certain circumstances, FirstFunding may agree to accept a copy of your complete correspondent lender application relating to an approved secondary market mortgage investor. Contact FirstFunding via telephone or email to find out more about this abbreviated application process.