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FirstFunding is a privately held non-depository (non-bank) financial services company offering warehouse lending facilities to non-delegated correspondent and correspondent lenders, community banks and credit unions. Better than a warehouse line of credit, a warehouse lending facility does not limit your growth. FirstFunding is committed to being a valuable funding partner to the mortgage investors. A warehouse lender serving the non-delegated and delegated correspondent channel.

FirstFunding is committed to the continual growth of the correspondent channel. Through it’s Next Generation Technology, FastPass offers FirstFunding clients the option of ordering their own wire.

FirstFunding Provides:

  • Access to warehouse lending
  • Secondary market investor management tools and services
  • Innovative service level options
  • State-of-the-art technology for transaction processing and reporting
  • Constant training and support and (6) professional risk management services
FirstFunding specializes in providing access to warehouse lending working with mortgage organizations in six sectors:

Program Highlights:

  • Warehouse Lines from $1 Million
  • State-of-the-art technology providing comprehensive online reporting, risk portfolio management
  • Hands-on funding system and process flow with in-house training and support
  • National Lender supporting both wet and dry fundings
  • Friendly and responsive operations team to support your business
FirstFunding provides mortgage investors, wholesale lenders and their account executives unparalleled training and support services to help ensure their success in the marketplace.

Our expertise is your value added!

We specialize in bringing value, recourse and support! FirstFunding provides mortgage investors and wholesale lenders with:

  • Education and support on correspondent loan funding
  • Marketing support with or without the Account Executive’s presence
  • State-of-the-art technology for transaction processing and reporting
  • Customer performance information

FirstFunding’s warehouse lending enables traditional wholesale brokers/originators to become non-delegated lenders, and have “wholesale loan closing and sale experience in a correspondent environment.”

FirstFunding is ideal for brokers who desire to evolve their operations and step up to the rank of Mortgage Banker, while avoiding the added burden of staff management plus extra overhead. FirstFunding is perfect for originators who have or want strategic lending relationships as a contributory part of their business operation (i.e., home builders, realtors, etc.).

FirstFunding is a warehouse lender, which means we provide a line of credit to lenders who fund mortgage loans.

What is a Warehouse Lender?

A warehouse lender provides a line of credit to a lender to fund a mortgage loan for a borrower prior to the loan being purchased by an investor and then sold on the secondary market. There are other terms that can be used for the lender which include creditor, non-delegated correspondent lender, correspondent, mortgage banker and banker. A lender may also be a chartered or community bank or credit union.

Why Are Warehouse Lenders Important?

For a mortgage loan to exist, the lender has to have money to lend to the borrower.

In the case of a lender that is a chartered bank, the money comes from the depositors at that bank. If the lender is not a chartered bank, then the money has to either come from the lenders pocket or from a financing mechanism from a warehouse lender. The warehouse lender has a lien on the receivable that is the loan funded using the warehouse financing. The warehouse advance is repaid in most cases through the sale of the pledged loan to a mortgage investor in a secondary market transaction. Warehouse lending is by its nature a short-term financing. Without the ability to fund loans, a mortgage originator cannot be a mortgage banker or correspondent mortgage originator.

I am impressed with the FirstFunding team and our clients that use them are very pleased. They have a lot to offer beyond funds. Compliance is where all the issues are today and I believe they are on top of that game. Few are.

Bob J
Greer, SC February 2015

I like to offer our sincere thanks to First Funding for helping us start our correspondent lending business back in 2009, over the years we have developed very good business relationship.

Sam Y
Houston, TX November 2015

First Funding is the industry leader in providing Warehouse Lending for brokers making the transition to banker. I have worked with them for over 9 years, and recommend them highly.

Phil L
Baton Rouge, LA September 2015

I can’t thank you enough for all the hard work that you all put in to make this transaction happen for my buyer. The loan funded and recorded this afternoon. Again, my gratitude to all that assisted in making this happen.

Yoko H
Chula Vista, CA March 2015

Greg – as always I greatly appreciate you and First Funding for what you do for our partners as well as us. First Funding has made Wholesale Correspondent extremely easy for me with your I-Flex Lite program!

Brenda O
Tucson, AZ October 2015

Thank you guys for always going the extra mile for us. Nate you are awesome!

Rosie P
Las Vegas, NV November 2015

Thank you for all your support this year! I greatly appreciate it. I look forward to increasing our business in 2016 with First Funding.

Danny K
Rockville, MD December 2015

We are very pleased with the consistent service that FF offers. Thank you for being a reliable part of our business in a world where reliability is a hard to find.

Pete G
Rehoboth Beach, DE April 2015

I must say that it is so nice to have FirstFunding and your team as a business partner. You guys always answer the phone or reply to emails in a very fast and reasonable time. Having a partner like FirstFunding makes me feel better about the future of our industry.

Mark C
Phoenix, AZ September 2014

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